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Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Good climate policy creates jobs and drives down the cost of living. And Australia has a unique opportunity to emerge as a winner in a low pollution global economy. We have the best resources in the world – including our people. We just need a government that will put them to good use. Labor’s Powering Australia plan will create jobs, cut power bills, and reduce emissions by boosting renewable energy, and it will be delivered by a Labor Government that puts Australia’s interests first.

A Labor Government would:

  • Cut power bills for families by $275 a year by 2025. 
  • Create more than 600,000 jobs, with five out of six in regional Australia. 
  • Reduce emissions by 43% by 2030.
  • Put Australia on track for net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Spur $76 billion of investment.
  • Boost renewable energy in our grid.
  • Connect regional renewable energy projects up to the national energy grid.
  • Make electric vehicles cheaper. 
  • Build community batteries to connect more Australian households to renewable energy.

Powering Australia.

Labor’s Powering Australia plan will create jobs, cut power bills and reduce emissions. It will bring cheap renewable energy to Australian homes and businesses and make Australia a renewable energy superpower.

Labor’s 2030 Target.

Our Powering Australia plan will reduce Australia’s emissions by 43% by 2030 – which will become Australia’s target under the Paris Agreement, keeping us on track for net zero by 2050. This plan is ambitious and achievable. I have every confidence Australia will rise to this challenge. Scott Morrison either doesn’t have a plan or he’s not telling the Australian people what it is. 

Australia’s jobs opportunity.

The world is racing toward renewable energy. Australia should seize this jobs opportunity. We can be a renewable energy superpower, exporting excess energy to our neighbours and the world. And we can create hundreds of thousands of great, secure, and well-paid jobs while doing it. Jobs in energy production, distribution, and manufacturing. Powering Australia will create more than 600,000 jobs, and ensure the future of these jobs with a pipeline of apprenticeships in new energy. 

Rewiring the nation.

Labor will link the cheapest new energy source – renewable energy – to the national power grid. We should be powering more Australian homes and businesses with cheap and reliable energy, creating thousands of jobs in regional Australia while doing it. Much like the Liberals’ copper-based NBN, our electricity network was designed for a different century. Our whole network is due for an upgrade, and Labor will get it done. 

Bringing power to the people.

We will give back power to the people by building community batteries for household solar. And with our Electric Car Discount, we will cut taxes on electric vehicles, making them cheaper for families to buy. No matter what car you drive, no matter where you live, every Australian should benefit from a cheap and clean energy future. 

Powering Australian manufacturing.

We can revive our manufacturing sector and develop our hydrogen industry by using clean energy. Australia has abundant iron for buildings, copper for wind turbines, lithium for batteries – more than we could ever use in Australia.  Labor’s Powering Australia plan will create more than 600,000 new jobs across Australia, with five out of six being delivered in regional Australia. Powering Australia will also spur $76 billion in investment, driving more growth and more jobs