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Let's Upgrade Emil Madsen Reserve - Add Your Name

Emil Madsen Reserve is home to the Mount Eliza Junior Football Club, Mount Eliza Soccer Club, Mount Eliza Football Netball Club and Mount Eliza Cricket Club - some of the biggest sporting clubs in our region.

Almost 2,000 people use Emil Madsen Reserve on a regular basis.

The current facilities are outdated and a barrier to growth - especially for women and girls wanting to play sport.

Mount Eliza deserves a facility that’s high quality and multi-functional. The upgrade of Emil Madsen Reserve should include new and improved pavilions with female-friendly facilities, and better community spaces for all to enjoy.

Over the past few years we have seen major redevelopments of other reserves in our region - now it’s Mount Eliza’s turn.

You can view the Emil Madsen Reserve Masterplan here.